la Jument

la Jument

See p 58 of the book Tous les phares de France. Lighthouse of "la Jument" and the guard Theodore Malgorne, in the storm. Erected on a stone called la Jument, "Ar-Gazec" in breton. Route of Fromveur near the island of Ouessant, Sea of Iroise, west Brittany.
The keeper has survived to the wave

Posters éditions:
The Art Group collection, Image Conscious.

Country: France
Locality: ouessant
Region: brittany - finistère
Shooting date:
Classification: lighthouses of france
Format: ARG 24X36
building stone atlantic wave storm solitude ocean aerial artgroup poster canvas gdfwall11 calendar gdf13 gdf30x30/13 gdfcover30x30/13 YellowKorner

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